SHOP WITH KESHIA is a multifaceted lifestyle brand under the creative direction of Designer, Lakeshia R. Williams. 

Featuring a collection of clothing and accessories that showcase messages to inspire you, make you laugh, motivate you to keep pushing and reveal or represent your inner truth without saying a word.

SHOP WITH KESHIA is more than a collection of products, it embodies Lakeshia’s dedication to designing new stories in the lives of women and children, empowering you to live in your truth and supporting you to fearlessly follow your dreams every single day (365:24:7).



LIVE is to get up everyday, give thanks for life and make the day count.

THRIVE is to go beyond just existing and surviving to get through each day but to truly experience life.

IMPACT is to pay it forward by uplifting and supporting the community that you live in.



A percentage of each sale goes to supporting women and children affected by homelessness in Atlanta, Georgia to receive one-on-one educational and supportive services to help them successfully transition into permanent independent living.