Why fundraise for Project Eleven26 Jewelry?

Each night in Atlanta, there are over 13,000 women with children who are experiencing homelessness. With your help, we are able to provide supportive services that will have a long-term impact in the lives of women with children each year. Nearly one third of our operating funds come directly from people like you. Your support truly makes a difference in the community, and in the lives of these women experiencing homelessness to design a new story in their life.

Fundraising Ideas

> Bike, Trike and Car Wash: Accept donations to wash any mode of transportation.

> Changing Lives with Spare Change: Provide containers and collect spare change from friends and family.

> Help the Environment: Hold a recycling drive to collect items for donation. 

> Let’s Hear it for Project Eleven26 Jewelry: Organize a benefit concert with professional or school musicians. 

> Movie Night-In: Invite your friends, make the popcorn, and enjoy a video night at home. Donate the funds you would have spent on a movie out at a theater. 

> Pets Make Kids Smile: Hold a dog wash or do pet walking in your neighborhood. 

> Share Your Talents: Hold a benefit fashion show, talent or comedy night or a play. 

> Soup’s On, Juice it Up, Bagels or Bake Sale: There are lots of ways to make and offer warm soup, smoothies, yummy bagels or baked goods at your church, office or school.

> Strikes for the shelter: Hold a bowl-a-thon to raise funds.

> Walk, Run, Dance, Swim, Jog or Bike-a-Thons: Request pledge based on distance or time. Collect donations based on success.

> Video Game Sale, Yard Sale, Craft or Used Book Sale: Sell your handmade goods, or items you no longer need.

    Workplace Fundraising Ideas

    > Have a Brown Bag Lunch: Encourage employees to bring their lunch from home and donate what they would have spent on lunch.

    > Find a local florist willing to donate a bouquet of flowers each month: Auction it off to beautify someone’s desk or make a significant other’s day. 

    > Reserve a premium parking space in the parking lot: Auction it off to the highest bidder.
    Auction off fun gift baskets: Examples: Spa & Relaxation, Cheese & Wine, Day at the Beach, Fruits, Candies, Snack Attack, Fun Office Supplies, etc. 

    > Bring pizza and drinks in for lunch and sell it for $3 a slice/bottle: People will appreciate a cheap lunch brought in and you will make a nice profit. A related idea would be to bring bagels or donuts in for sale during the morning. 

    > Auction off a lunch with the CEO

    > Rent a dunk tank and get the CEO and upper management to volunteer to sit in it. $1 / $5 to throw a ball and try to hit the target.

    > Have a Jean day and let people wear something denim for $11. Have a Jean Month and let employees pay to wear jeans every Friday for the month. 

    > Work with Human Resources to auction a Paid Day Off.

    > Sell “Happy Grams” for $5. Happy Grams: a bag of chocolates, single flower, balloon, office merchandise (mug, pen, t-shirt), etc. and attach a note. 

    > Summer BBQ / Company cook-out. Each employee pays to have a plate. Set a goal to help as many children and adults experiencing homelessness. Charge $11 a plate. 

    > Car Washes are always fun. Hold a car wash on the weekend.

      To get started, please call (678) 487-9212 or email