Our Partners

Stylists Between Worlds

Stylists Between Worlds was created as a volunteer network for Beauty Industry Professionals & Friends to share ideas about new and ongoing community service projects and opportunities.

The mission of the group is bridge the gap between the beauty industry and the homeless...thus creating Stylists Between Worlds.

It is our charge as Beauty Industry Professionals & Friends to lend our talents to uplift and empower many of the less fortunate men and women housed in shelters and homeless, by helping to beautify their outer appearance, thus helping to raise their self-esteem on the inside.

If you or someone you know has ever been homeless, close to it, or have been a victim of domestic violence, you understand what a day like this means!!!!!

To learn more about Stylists Between Worlds, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/stylistsbetweenworlds/


International Women's House

The mission of International Women's House is to provide a safe haven and supportive services for women and children who are victims of family violence, sexual abuse, and human trafficking, with a focus on immigrant and refugee women and children, cultural sensitivity, and self-sufficiency.

Their goal is to help each client become empowered with the tools, skills, and self-confidence necessary to live a life free from violence.  They recognize that each of their clients are unique and has her own strengths and challenges.  They are always willing to tailor services to meet clients’ individual needs.  Clients do not have to reside in their shelter to receive services.

To learn more about IWH, please visit: https://internationalwomenshouse.org/