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Clarity II

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Add these beautiful beaded statement earrings to your personal jewelry collection. This collection of earrings creates a versatile look that makes getting dressed for day or night a breeze.

- These earrings feature a African beads, magnesite chunk gemstones and finished with antique silver charms that is sure to last for many years to come.

- Measure approximately  4-inches in length. 

- Each earring is secured with silver plated surgical steel earring hooks with rubber earring backs that are hypo-allergenic.

- Ready to wear and makes a great gift for birthdays, holidays, special occasions or just for you! 

Magnesite is a powerful stone for awakening to higher truth.

Magnesite, is a stone of powerful emotional connection. It will assist in exploring conscious and unconscious emotional instability to dissolve all unhealed blockages within the emotional body. This will aid one in reaching a more emotional balanced state.

Magnesite helps to awaken and activate the Third-Eye and Crown Charkas.

Magnesite has a powerful effect on the mind bringing the hemispheres into harmony and stimulating ideas and their application. It helps relieve resistance to the future.

Magnesite opens the Heart Chakra.

In terms of Chakra healing, Magnesite is known to encourage the powers of love. It is said to open the heart chakra, allowing a person to find wellbeing, personal happiness and joy. In turn, this gem helps to boost self-esteem.


"I easily sustain and maintain strength, clarity, peace of mind, happiness, contentment, love and fulfillment now."

Be empowered as you wear these earrings, speak this intention out loud over your life and carry your intention with you as a daily reminder.